Property Tax Due

by Vega Pao 12/04/2018

Although I dislike being the person who is reminding homeowners of property tax bills due, I think having the knowledge of the county assessor timeline might be helpful.

  1. Fiscal year for property taxes are from July 1 to the following year June 30.
  2. Tax bills are usually mailed in the last week of October. If you have not received the bill, contact your county assessor office immediately.
  3. First installation of tax bills that are due, the date is November 1 and will be delinquent after December 10. Please make sure to pay on or before December 10; the Penalty fee is 10% in Marin County.
  4. Second installation of tax bills that are due, the date is February 1 of the following year and will be delinquent after April 10. Again, please make sure to pay on or before April 10; the Penalty fee is 10% in Marin County.
  5. If you’re eligible for the $7,000 reduction of total assessed value as owner-occupied principal residence (as Notes 1 of the graph above), this amount shows on the upper right corner of your bill as HO (Home Owner). If you need help to claim homeowner exemption, please contact me at 415-686-2304.
  6. If you purchased a home recently, the prorated property tax should be calculated and included in the closing costs. Another supplement tax bill will be sent to you for the difference owed.

Above graph is provided by Old Republic Title.

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