Why Home Improvements, and why not?

by Vega Pao 02/19/2019

Home ownership entails a variety of improvements over the years, repairing damages and maintaining are the ones need your attention right away. Other reasons for improvement and upgrades are enriching the beauty, comfort, and value of a home or adding more space or making the home safer, just to name a few. Home improvements are usually time-consuming tasks, however, they may worth the energy and time and pay off at the end.

It’s never pleasant to live with a leaking roof or broken appliances! It may be more cost effective if the repair work can be addressed earlier before it turns into a bigger job. Check out Nexdoor.com for handyman work or ask me for a referral.  

According to ‘Remodeling Magazine’, here are the highest ROI {Return Of Investment) projects—

  • A new garage door (98.3% costs recouped, $3,411 in resale value)
  • Adding a steel entrance door (91.3% costs recouped, $1,344 in resale value)
  • A wood deck addition (82.8% costs recouped, $9,065 in resale value)
  • Minor kitchen remodel (81.1% costs recouped, $17,193 in resale value)
  • Siding replacement (76.7% costs recouped, $11,554 in resale value

Home improvement projects that involve restructuring need to be well thought out so that they do not look out of place, alter the flow of energy, and mar the street appeal of the house. For instance, remodeling your home can improve its atmosphere by opening a wall of the kitchen to create an open concept, it immediately makes the home friendlier and more sociable.

Helping a home's energy efficiency is also an excellent idea for adding resale value, because not only does it reduce the electricity and gas bills, it is a conscious thing to do for the environment. Investing in solar energy could be another way of improving the house for posterity. 

Intensive and bigger projects need to be carefully planning and budgeting before embarking on them. We all have life, work and family to attend to. Consider who will handle the project? What to do when over the timeline and budget? Everything can be done, if you are prepared for the unexpected, it’d easier to handle the situation when it arises, right?

I will be delight to consult you with the high return on home improvement, please contact me at 415-686-2304.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps.

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Vega Pao

My life and work experiences taught me the skills of effective communication with others, unique problem solving abilities, astute attention to detail, and the art of thinking resourcefully.

I help family moving forward whether first-time buyer achieving homeownership dream, empty nester downsizing or investor looking for residual income. I view buying and selling property as a team effort between buyer/seller and real estate brokerage. Having a knowledgeable, experienced and caring real estate agent on your side can help make the process a breeze.

I believe our home is our sanctuary, a place where we can experience ourselves most authentically. It's a powerful tool of self-expression consciously or subconsciously. I'd like very much the opportunity of helping you find the home that will reflect your own unique individual personality. I am trained and certified as a Classical Feng Shui specialist. I also fluent in Mandarin (Chinese), read, write and speak.