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Posted on 12/04/2018
Property Tax Due
Although I dislike being the person who is reminding homeowners of property tax bills due, I think having the knowledge of the county assessor timeline might be helpful. Fiscal year for property taxes are from July 1 to the following year June 30. Tax bills are usually mailed in the last week of October. If you have not...
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Posted on 11/27/2018
Help Those Affected by the CA Wildfires
This rainstorm has arrived just in time to put out the devastating Camp fire in the Chico area of California. It’s unimaginable to lose everything - especially all the lives that have been lost. Help and donation for the evacuees are desperately needed as the winter approaches. Last year's Santa Rosa fire taught us that gift cards make...
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Posted on 11/03/2018
Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00am Sunday, November 3, 2018
This mid-term election Daylight Saving Time is on the ballot as Prop 7--CONFORMS CALIFORNIA DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME TO FEDERAL LAW. ALLOWS LEGISLATURE TO CHANGE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME PERIOD. LEGISLATIVE STATUTE. WHAT YOUR VOTE MEANS YES vote on this measure means: The Legislature, with a two-thirds vote, could change daylight saving time if the change is allowed by the...
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Posted on 10/31/2018
How to Help a Senior Loved One Downsize Their Home
This article came to me in the nick of time that coincides two propositions on the ballot of midterm election regarding housing. I appreciate greatly Michael Longsdon @ elderfreedom.net sharing his experience transitioning his parents. California Associate of Realtor is actively engaged in two statewide initiatives on the ballot. Proposition 5, Tax Fairness initiative to allow seniors, the disabled...
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Posted on 10/09/2018
How to Properly Pack a TV
Congratulation to those of you who recently bought or sold a residence! You may have only a short period of time to pack your TV and other belongings and move them to your new place. Here we offer three common sense tips to properly pack your TV and to make your moving day less stressful. 1. Use the Right...
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Posted on 10/05/2018
Mill Valley Film Festival
It’s that time of the season again! The 41th MV Film Festival Opening Night was October 4, and it will run thru October 14. There is an impressive variety films in the line-up this year, showing at 4 local theaters: the SMITH RAFAEL FILM CENTER in San Rafael; CINÉARTS SEQUOIA in Mill Valley; and the LARK THEATER and CENTURY...
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Posted on 10/02/2018
Good Items That Home Sellers Can Leave Behind for Buyers
If you plan to sell your house, there may be certain items that you want to bring to your new residence. However, various items may prove to be too big, too heavy or too expensive to transport to your new address. But if you leave these items behind, you may be able to make your house more attractive to...
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Posted on 09/30/2018
San Anselmo Co-Op Preschool
Time flies! I recently ran into a mother whose son attended the San Anselmo Co-op preschool with my son back in 1992. When I paid a visit to the school last week, I was delighted to find that the after-school program is still running by the same lovely mother after all these years! This visit brought back so...
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Posted on 09/25/2018
Boost You Curb Appeal on A Budget When Selling Your Home
Curb appeal, the illusive secret weapon that enamors potential buyers from afar and draws them into your home. There have been several attempts to nail down the “secret formula” for curb appeal. In reality, the best approach to improving your home’s presentation from outside is to take the time to consider what fits. In this post, we’ll give you...
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Posted on 09/18/2018
How to Speed Up Your Home Selling Timeline
The process of selling your house may seem endless at times. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to speed up your home selling timeline, and these are: 1. Conduct a House Inspection Although a home inspection usually is requested by a buyer after a seller accepts an offer to purchase a house, you may want to...
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